Jason Bradley needs you help!

Jason Bradley is an amazing, talented Country Artist and Guitar Player from South Africa.

Endorsed by Fender, Jean Village Music and Paul Bothner Music. He has recorded multiple country albums, won various country awards, locally and abroad. He has performed with the likes of The Bellamy Brothers. Internationally acclaimed songwriter, Gary Hanon, and Jeremy Dean have written most of his hit songs on his country album: Dirt Road.

Jason being only 39 years old, is an adoring husband to his beautiful wife Tina and the loving father of 3 beautiful children.

For the past ten years, Jason has been battling various health issues. Unfortunately the battle is taking it’s toll and the past five and a half years have been extremely challenging. Living a life of survival, frequent trips to ER, being hospitalized on most occasions has become the norm for this family.

It started in 2017 when Jason was invited to perform in Texas, an event himself and his band were ecstatic about, and it was an honor to be invited to such an event. Unfortunately, shortly after arriving in America, he started to feel tired and no one really understood why. This was the first time he vomited blood and suffered severe water retention. Jason being Jason and excited about the opportunity pushed through the entire event. Performed like never before, better than ever despite spending most of his time in bed, exhausted until they returned to South Africa. By the time they left for South Africa, he was swollen, sick and extremely uncomfortable. Medical tests were done shortly after they returned and it was a great shock to find out that his blood count was so low. He received medical treatment and recovered to some extent, within about 3 months.

Jason being a fighter was not discouraged, did and is doing his utmost to be healthy and strong.

A turn for the worse in early November 2020, Jason started throwing up blood, suffered 2 heart convulsions at home, here he was resuscitated, twice while waiting for the ambulance. He was admitted with an HB of only 2.7 and suffered 2 more heart convulsions at the hospital due to the low blood count.

Up until now the doctors have not been able to diagnose exactly what happened on 2 November 2020 when he suffered severe blood loss, causing 4 heart convulsions in one night. He received treatment in 3 different hospitals to try to establish the cause and to help him. After six long weeks he was sent home, unfortunately with no definitive diagnosis or treatment.

During the course of 2021, Jason again suffered severe blood loss and water retention, to the point that he was again admitted into Steve Biko hospital. He was hospitalized for about 14 days finally sent home for further recovery. There were sure signs of improvement only to be short lived as the unexplained blood loss started again after about 3 months. The symptoms also included water retention, dizziness, high blood pressure, difficulty breathing and disorientated moments and not being able to finish his sentences.

On the 14th of May 2022 he was rushed to Steve Biko hospital again via an ambulance, where he spent a full 27 days. During this time various blood tests were done to try and determine the cause of the constant setbacks, a CT scan was also done. They detected liver cirrhosis and a mass in the colon wall. He was scheduled for a Colonoscopy and biopsy for the 21st of June 2022. The colonoscopy was clear, no masses or bleeds. everything was normal. Since he was released from hospital with a very low blood count of 4.5, he has been receiving medical care from a doctor who specializes in DNA disorders. A DNA check confirmed that Jason was born without certain DNA structures in place that allows the liver to work properly, and due to this his liver has deteriorated over the years. The doctor believes that there is a high chance of recovery IF Jason gets the proper treatment. For the last few weeks he has been treating Jason on a weekly basis with intravenous and oral medication. A positive result as to his liver function has already been seen, all the while still struggling with unexplained blood loss and is being admitted to Steve Biko once again (20 July 2022)

Since being admitted on 20 July 2022, Jason has undergone various tests but it brought little to no relief as the MRCP scan is still out of order. This scan was needed to get a clear picture of the liver to determine the exact diagnosis and the necessary treatment. However, thanks to the donations from AMAZING giving hearts, Tina was able to arrange for the MRCP scan at a private hospital for Jason, as he desperately needed this to be able to move forward.

Unfortunately we received news that Jason’s liver has deteriorated to a point where he will possibly need a liver transplant. The good news is that it looks like he might be a good candidate for the procedure. The doctors are meeting (29 July 2022), to discuss and map the road forward. We are standing by and praying for a great outcome.

Jason and his family are truly grateful for the medical help that has been received from the government hospitals to date, however time is of the essence in Jason’s case. The scans and treatments that are required, need to be done as soon as possible in order to save his life.

We feel in our hearts to help them, by creating this fundraiser to cover all medical costs, care, necessary scans, treatments and the unexpected expenses.

Jason’s case is unique, we are certain and know that with the right help, detailed scans and prescribed treatment Jason can have a quality life.

Treatment done in a private facility with working machines will help get results far sooner and access to the treatment plan so desperately needed can be started and continued.

We are pleading to the public worldwide, to everyone who knows him, who knows of him, or who is only learning about him now, to open their hearts and help save his life. Thanking you in advance for your contribution – no matter how big or small, it will make a significant difference in Jason’s life.

We also want to Thank our Heavenly Father for carrying him and his family through this and for blessing him with constant miracles. Special thanks and immense gratitude goes out to Choose Life Church in Pretoria, Bruce Wallace and everyone who has helped and supported Tina and their children during this time.

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